2012 Results

Good news, bad news. Across the country there were numerous victories for working families. Regressive tax principles and retrograde candidates were shot down. And in general progressive values were upheld at the ballot box.

In South Carolina, unfortunately, the status quo remains the same. Republicans control the State House and Senate. And accordingly the fight to preserve public education, worker’s rights, quality and affordable health care will remain as pressing as ever.

The good news is that the Working Families Party had a successful election cycle. We are now better positioned to hold our elected officials accountable.

Our 2012 election strategy had three main components:

- To elect more WFP nominated candidates
- To play a critical role in a key race
- To build our brand and depth of support

And here is what we did to achieve our goals:

- Over 11,000 phone calls
- Over 30 paid and 30 volunteer canvass shifts
- 6,500 candidate flyers distributed
- Statewide press events for our Congressional candidates
- A video-ad and internet advertising for Gloria Tinubu in the 7th C.D.

I’m proud to report that the following are now WFP nominated public officials:

- Rep. Seth Whipper (State House District 113)
- Rep. Harold Mitchell (State House District 31)
- Rep. Chandra Dillard (State House District 23)
- Rep. David Mack (State House District 109)
- Rep. Leola Robinson-Simpson (State House District 25)
- Rep. Bill Clyburn (State House District 82)
- Sen. Karl Allen (State Senate District 7)
- Peter Tecklenburg (Charleston County Auditor)
- Colleen Condon (Charleston County Council)
- Hon. Vic Rawl (Charleston County Council)

This is nearly 4x the amount of elected officials as we achieved last cycle. Unfortunately, we were unable to provide the decisive margin of victory for a new challenger candidate. The closest we came was in the Charleston Auditors race where Peter Tecklenburg received 51.47% on the Democratic line and 3.73% on the Working Families line. Peter is also the first non-incumbent we’ve helped to elect, which represents an important next step for our organization. Next cycle we look forward to helping put many more challengers into office.

There will always be lost opportunities. And perhaps our biggest regret this cycle was the (seemingly? To be determined…) loss of Joe McCullough to Kirkman Finlay. Joe shares many of our values, and we wanted to help him win, but ultimately his campaign decided to stick with just the Democratic Party for support. He is down in the recount only handful of votes. We know that we could have helped him win, bringing in enough independent and cross-over votes to put him over the top.

On the bright side, over 6,500 straight-ballot Working Families votes were cast. These voters could then choose the Democratic or Republican candidate of their choosing in the races were we hadn’t nominated candidates. With a statewide candidate, perhaps we could draw 25,000 plus votes?

Click here to view the 2012 Election Results.

We’d like to send a special thanks to all the candidates who accepted our ballot line. We greatly appreciate your faith in us. This year, there were many outstanding Working Families candidates with commendable values and integrity. We were proud to stand with you. And to Bob Artus, Tom Graff, Rob Groce, and the numerous labor, religious, and community activists and organizations that have made all this work possible, thank you.

As we move into 2013, WFP will continue our endeavor to hold elected officials accountable in the fight for quality jobs, schools, and government. We will be hosting regional meetings in the months to come. We hope you will Join us in our fight to make South Carolina a better state for all working families. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can contact our organizer, Dillon Corbett at (803) 669-0282 or dcorbett@workingfamilies.org.


Erin McKee
State Chair
SC Working Families Party

Candidate office Dem Votes %total dem WFP votes %total WFP total votes Total% % candidates votes on WFP line
Bobbie Rose US Congress 1 87,842 33.54% 5,034 1.92% 92876 35.46% 5.40%
Deb Morrow US Congress 4 83,300 31.52% 5,794 2.19% 89094 33.71% 6.50%
Joyce Knott US Congress 5 112,848 40.96% 9,420 3.42% 122268 44.38% 7.70%
Gloria Bromell Tinubu US Congress 7 100,464 42.04% 6,932 2.90% 107396 44.94% 6.45%
Henri Thompson SC Senate 12 14,337 32.35% 1,355 3.06% 15692 35.41% 9.45%
Seth Whipper SC House 113 9,151 88.05% 1,178 11.33% 10329 99.38% 12.87%
David Mack III SC House 109 9,350 88.32% 1,180 11.15% 10530 99.47% 12.62%
Chandra Dillard SC House 23 8,417 87.85% 1,055 11.01% 9472 98.86% 12.53%
Leola Robinson-Simpson SC House 25 10,079 87.81% 1,158 10.09% 11237 97.90% 11.48%
Harold Mitchell Jr SC House 31 9,177 91.00% 847 8.40% 10024 99.40% 9.22%
Bill Clyburn SC House 82 10,165 84.76% 1,679 14.00% 11844 98.76% 14.18%
Karl Allen SC Senate 7 20,479 61.07% 1,403 4.18% 21882 65.25% 6.41%
Peter Tecklenburg Charleston Co Auditor 70,996 51.93% 5,361 3.92% 76357 55.85% 7.02%
Vic Rawl Charleston CC 6 8,033 63.42% 1,269 10.02% 9302 73.44% 13.64%
Colleen Condon Charleston CC 2 9,446 78.83% 1,465 12.23% 11713 1 13.42%
Carol Tempel SC House 115 N/A N/A N/A N/A 4772 32.22%
Miriam Birdsong Dorchester CC 6 N/A N/A N/A N/A 1767 24.42%
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