Good Jobs, Living Wages

Nobody who works hard, full time, and plays by the rules should be living in poverty.

South Carolina residents need jobs — but we need good jobs that pay a living wage, not low-paying jobs with no benefits.

Over the last thirty years, wages have stagnated for most people. Accounting for increased costs in healthcare, energy, and even food, most people have less economic security than a generation ago — and that just isn’t right.

Decent paying jobs are the roots of strong families, healthy communities and fair, democratic societies.

That’s why Working Families fights for living wage laws in towns across South Carolina, and why we support raising the minimum wage.

To keep living wage jobs in South Carolina, we should stop giving tax breaks and incentives to companies that send their jobs overseas, and instead give them to businesses willing to create decent jobs here.

That’s why we support Best Value Contracting to ensure that government public works projects are fulfilled by contractors who employ local workers, pay them well, and produce quality work in a transparent bidding process so that taxpayers get the best value on all government construction projects.

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