Veterans and Military Families

The Working Families Party honors the sacrifices of U.S. servicemen and women, and believes we can do far more to support them and their families, both during their time in service and after their return to civilian life:

-Provide adequate funding to the Veterans Administration – current funding is billions of dollars short of meeting the Department’s needs to fully take care of America’s veterans.

-Guarantee health care to veterans, National Guard members and reservists, and their families, including the 500,000 veterans currently locked out of the VA system and the 20 percent of National Guard members who are uninsured.

-Increase housing assistance for veterans, including the creation of a new housing assistance program within the VA, and a new program of Section 8 housing vouchers for low-income veterans.

-Offer a guaranteed, timely path to citizenship for the 30,000 non-citizens serving in the armed forces.

-Ensure that all service members receive adequate supplies and equipment, and reimbursement for those service members and their families who have purchased their own body armor or other protective equipment.

-Increase attention to mental health concerns among members of the armed services and veterans, including a requirement that all health insurance programs, including the VA, cover mental disorders on the same terms as other medical conditions, and a guarantee that everyone leaving military service has access to counseling and other mental health services.

-Honor those who gave their lives, with public recognition of service members killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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