2012 Resolutions

Resolutions for the State Nominating Convention of the South Carolina Working Families Party

Education Resolution

Be it resolved that the State of South Carolina provide stable, equitable and adequate funding for all its public schools, including pre-school programs, to prepare students for full, lifelong participation in the global economy and the rich culture of American life.

Be it further resolved that the South Carolina Working Families Party will consider endorsing those candidates that best stand for those issues stated above.

*Adopted 05/05/2012

Freedom to Work

WHEREAS, we believe that the freedom to choose regarding union membership or financial support is a civil right, and that job discrimination on the basis of union membership should be prohibited by law.

WHEREAS, Right-to-Work laws do not guarantee employment to workers; and

WHEREAS, Right-to-Work laws weaken the ability of unions to represent workers; and

WHEREAS, Right-to-Work laws harm union and non-union workers alike by depressing union membership and limiting the effectiveness of unions; and

WHEREAS, on-the-job safety has been sacrificed in Right-to-Work states, where workplace injuries and deaths are significantly higher according to the BLS;

NOW, Therefore, Be It Resolved that the South Carolina Working Families Party opposes any legislation in the U.S. Congress or the South Carolina legislature that supports Right-to-Work by curtailing labor union membership.

NOW, Therefore be it further resolved that Freedom To Work will safeguard our individual freedom and civil rights by guaranteeing that all persons in South Carolina have the right, without fear of penalty, to form, join, or assist a labor organization.

*Adopted 05/05/2012

Budget Resolution

Whereas: Although state tax revenues have recovered from the depths of the Great Recession, South Carolina is still not adequately funding the core public goods which we rely on if we are to have a healthy, prosperous future. No public good means more long-term than public education, yet our Governor proposed cutting base education funding (the Education Finance Act Base Student Costs) this year … even though we were already $600 million short of what our formulas call for. Some agencies protecting our most vulnerable populations look for modest increases in funding. However, our state Department of Social Services looks at level funding despite cuts in recent years exploding workloads in SNAP (food stamps) and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families … not to mention unfunded child and adult protection services.

Whereas: Meanwhile, rather than supporting the public goods which will allow us to pass on to our children a better world, the General Assembly is considering income tax cuts which will take another $142 million out of needed revenues. They continue to look for ways to cut property taxes on businesses. Proposals this year would have reduced business property taxes (and those on second homes) by $1.06 billion—shifting property tax onto owners of homes and cars or severely cutting services in schools, municipalities and counties. A proposal to cut property taxes on businesses has already surfaced for next year.

Be it resolved: The South Carolina Working Families Party believes cutting taxes on businesses is bad economic development policy. Our existing corporate income tax apportions multistate income solely on sales inside South Carolina. Exporting companies, the ones we should be incentivizing to locate or expand here, are already exempt from income taxes on the bulk of their business. These generalized cuts go largely to businesses either in no position to create new jobs or whose new jobs are driven by consumer demand rather than state taxes. “Once one accounts for the opportunity costs of paying for business tax cuts through cuts in public spending or increases in household taxes, the economic development benefits of general business tax cuts are usually less than their costs and may even be negative.” (Emphasis added.)

Be it further resolved: The South Carolina Working Families Party believes our goal should be to fund what we need to fund and to do that we must abandon “No New Tax” ideologies designed to destroy government rather than to build a prosperous future for our state. We must have budgets adequate to our needs and the taxes to fund those budget. To do otherwise is to fail our children and our future.

*Adopted 05/05/2012



The South Carolina Working Families Party was founded in 2006 and has dedicated its work on issues and in the elections to improving the lives of working South Carolinians.

And given limited resources, we assembled delegates at the fourth convention of the SC WFP are proud of the accomplishments that have been achieved. Some of these accomplishments include, working in coalitions to fight budget cuts and protect education, health care, and other necessary services, working with others to protect democratic rights at the workplace and livable wages for South Carolinians, and running candidates who stand for these issues who have gotten up to 12% of the vote on the SCWFP line and therefore helped them WIN.

And because we are committed to building on these accomplishments…….

Therefore be it resolved:

That our goals for 2012 include the following:

1 Expand the number of candidates and our total vote for 2012 from previous years.

2 Pick a small number of races,even possibly just one, where we do concentrated work and as a result make a difference in the outcome.

3 Establish WFP working groups in at least Columbia and Charleston to start.

4. Continue to engage in issue work including, as individuals, supporting the work of “The Ties That Bind” coalition.

5. Expand the base of individual WFP-SC members.

*Adopted 05/05/2012

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